21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Day 10

Today, I’ve been thinking about God’s grace. Earlier, I read about the story of Jesus turning the water into wine at the wedding in Cana (John 2:1-12) and how this is a demonstration of the abundance of God’s grace towards us. Jesus could have refused to turn the water into wine, or He could have made just enough wine to prevent the humiliation of the host. But, instead, He made an abundance of wine, enough for the weeks of celebration by the wedding party. And this was not just average wine, but Jesus made good wine. This is grace. The host of the wedding certainly hadn’t done anything to deserve this good gift from Jesus, yet upon request, Jesus gave the gift anyway.

Now, Jesus is not some genie in a bottle, but He does have an abundance of good graces for you, too. There is nothing you can do to earn them – He also took care of that in His death and resurrection. But, you can spend time with Him. You can worship Him. You can praise Him. These things won’t change how He feels about you, but they will change how you feel about Him…and really, they will change how you feel about the world around you, too.

Go ahead. Read the story of the wedding at Cana, and then take 5 minutes to simply sit in His presence and listen. If you’d like to get more out of your listening, have a pen/pencil and your journal nearby.

John 2:1-12 (NIV)
On the third day there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. When the wine was gone, Jesus’ mother said to him, “They have no more wine.”

“Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

Nearby stood six stone water jars, the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing, each holding from twenty to thirty gallons.

Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water”; so they filled them to the brim.

Then he told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.”

They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. Then he called the bridegroom aside and said, “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.”

What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.

After this he went down to Capernaum with his mother and brothers and his disciples. There they stayed for a few days.