Here at Highly Favored One Ministries, we believe that each one of us is created uniquely by God for a specific purpose in this world.  We believe that God desires a relationship with each of us.  And, we are passionate about helping people discover how God made them and who He has called them to be.  Below is the list of classes, workshops, and retreats that Highly Favored One Ministries is pleased to offer.  To see a list of upcoming events, click here.  To schedule an event in your home, office, or church, contact Sara at

Current offerings:

Discover Your Call~Dependable Strengths (R) For Congregations
An organic process of self discovery, this day-and-a-half long workshop takes participants on a tour of their life experiences to determine how God has gifted them and teaches them how to use their gifts and strengths to lead a fulfilling life. Also available for high school students. 12 contact hours.

Purposeful Thinking
Integrating Biblical teachings and basic cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, this 4-session class or retreat teaches participants how to take control of their feelings by tracing their feelings to the thought pattern behind it and then managing their thoughts. 6 contact hours. ** Also offered as an introductory class in a 2.5 hour event. **

Putting on The Armor of God
In this world, we will have trouble! This 4-session workshop takes a look at who we are as disciples of Christ and what that means for our everyday trials and our life-altering trials. It teaches participants how to put on the armor of God and how to engage in spiritual battle that they might fully enter into the freedoms that Christ has bought for them. 4 contact hours

Completely Filled: A Study of Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians
Wondering who you are and how you fit into God’s story? This 6-session workshop or weekend retreat teaches Christians how to explore the truth of who they are in God’s eyes through guided in-depth study with hands-on interpretation work of chapters 1-3 & 6, overview lessons of chapters 4 & 5, prayer/meditation, worship, and a service project of the team’s choice. 12 contact hours.

Being Beloved: A Study of the Song of Songs
This 6-session, intermediate level study is an in-depth look at the Song of Songs from both a literal interpretation (husband & wife) and an allegorical interpretation (God and His Church). Participants learn basic Bible study techniques (i.e. Word studies, cultural/historical/geographical details, etc.) so that the they not only have a head knowledge of Scripture, but so that it becomes ingrained into who they are. It is a very organic process for participants to learn and understand the Scriptures. 12 contact hours.

Offerings Coming Soon:

Dear Lord, Is that You?! — Class A
God longs for individual relationships with His people! Foundational to every relationship is communication. In this 2 session workshop, participants will be taught the basics of prayer using the ACTS prayer method and the Lord’s Prayer, as well as an introduction to how to hear from God. This 2-session workshop is perfect for a Saturday morning event. Participants will be given the opportunity to “practice” what they have learned during the workshop. 3 contact hours.

Dear Lord, Is that You?! — Class B
There is so much more to our relationship with God than simply rattling off a list of praises and requests. In this 2-session workshop, participants will be taught how to enter into Spirit-filled prayer and how to know if what they are hearing is from the LORD. This is an intermediate level, experiential workshop designed for Christians who are already familiar with and comfortable praying regularly. May be combined with “Dear Lord, Is that You?! — Class A” with a 60 day gap in between classes for participants to practice what they learned in Class A before learning the material from Class B. 3 contact hours.

Grief: Made Possible
This 12-week encouragement group is designed for people grieving any sort of loss, whether it is loss of job, loss of finances, or loss of a loved one. This is a group of people who want to receive care and encouragement in their time of loss and suffering. Constructive tools will be taught for ways to re-write their future and to move through the intense times of their grief in ways that create a new future rather than destroy their future. 12 contact hours.

Health & Wellness: A Whole Body Perspective
God made each of us uniquely. He made our bodies so they could heal themselves. Our body systems are all connected to one another. When one is out of whack, it impacts all the rest. In this 4-session workshop, participants will learn simple techniques for improving their overall well-being through proper nutrition and physical activity, combined with spiritual and mental health care. A natural health consultant for over 2 years, Sara approaches health from a preventative standpoint, teaching and encouraging class participants to make choices that will help their bodies heal naturally and stay healthy. 4 contact hours.

Worship: Nuts & Bolts
“You and I were made to worship…” Lyrics from a popular Christian song. But what does this mean? What is worship? Why should I want to worship? If worship isn’t simply being a butt in a pew, how do I worship? Participants will explore these questions and more, as well as experience worship together. 4 contact hours

Forgiveness & Healing: Working Through Life’s Hurts To Improve Your Health
Forgiveness can be very…challenging. Especially when it is someone we love who has hurt us in a way we never imagined. Holding back forgiveness causes physical, mental, and spiritual pain in the lives of people every day. In this 4-session workshop, participants will gain helpful tools for working through forgiveness issues and will receive emotional support as they embark on their journey of forgiveness and healing. 8 contact hours.


Train the Trainers & Facilitators
After working in and through the church for 10 years, God has called Sara out of the church office to be an equipper and a trainer of the ministry leaders in churches across the country. Sara has extensive training and experience in equipping church members to care for one another in lay pastoral care programs, as well as in volunteer management (for 3 years, she managed a team of 150 volunteers), small group and house church creation and growth, and women’s ministry leadership. A systematic thinker, Sara is passionate about equipping God’s people to live into their individual vocation and to be the church for one another and their neighbor. This will be tailored to your needs and requests. To bring Sara to your church to train your leaders, to set up a new ministry/revamp an old one, or to work with your staff/leadership team on forgiveness, contact Highly Favored One Ministries at